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Happy New Year to all. Have a wonderful 2018.

Rocket Launch

some science experiments are better than others.

Driving down the California coast is always exciting. The weather is perfect, the ocean magnificent and one realizes why this is such a popular (expensive) place to live. Even if playing Pebble Beach is not on your bucket list, visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium should be :)

When you get through College you look forward to never using the Laundry Mat again. All things will be great and easy now. Obviously after a few years you realize that things around the house break down and you are thankful for places to wash your cloth.

The Rock

Enchanted Rock in Texas never disappoints. About an hour north of Fredericksburg in the Texas Hill Country sits this wonderful State Park. From sitting in the shade to climbing the mountain - it offers many outdoorsy activities. If you want to get away - this is the place to do it.


Life in House of Kids. We ask no more questions. Capture the moments.

Panos the quick way - not the biggest file, but if you have no tripod and don’t want to stitch the images you have a great start. Use your phone - be creative.

You found us - thank you. Our little photo business has been around since 2008 and over the years we have delighted our clients. We keep our web present updated as much as possible and we will share our client pictures as they wish. We strongly believe that if you do not want to have your pictures shared for our advertising purposes that is fine.

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The camera you have. All the gear and often being out with the family the iphone is the most handy. Camera phones have come a long way and their convenience is undeniable. Take pictures - document your life